İksirli Çiftlik

Iksirli farm is our main farm with 85.000 m2 at a distance of 2 kms away from main facilities. The farm provides Siyez bulghur (cracked wheat), summer and winter vegetables, fruits, grass fed and cage free fawles, all produced through natural and local methods. All our locally grown fresh and seasonal products are used in our kitchen and are freshly offered to our guests as jams, molasses, pickles, tarhana soup (sundried food made of curd, tomato and flour) as well.To sustain the good food & good eating habits, our farm is delivering fresh and local products to your tables via the website.



The playground, resting areas, the artificial pond with water lily Are taking place in the courtyard that also used as restaurant in summer time. A life-size chess playing space can be found at the garden of the main facilities. Here you may want to warm up with a hot wine and garlic flavored sausages at winter nights.

Special days at this peaceful location can be organized within the direction and the desires of our guests.Our guests, who may have desire in this direction, may create their own hobby gardens at the plantation areas and enjoy the production of its own hobby gardens and experience the natural taste of feeding.


Picnic Area

When you are on an outdoor trekking tour or when you desire taking a rest within woodnotes in open air, following completion of your bicycle tour, a barbecue, etli ekmek (local pastry with meat) or snack foods will be waiting for you at an environment where you feel that your body and soul are refreshed while watching the various colors of sky and nature where you can spend the entire day of yours with all kinds of birds within the serenity of the nature aside the pond. You can also experience a lavish meal party with fishes that you catch at the pond.

Horse Bistro

In the Horse Bistro you can watch the horseback ridings happening at outdoor and indoor manages, in the meantime, can taste cold, hot beverages and light snack foods. This pace offers services within the riding centre.

Kastamonu At Binicilik Merkezi Horse Bistro Alanı