People tried to track down magic water, which gives eternal youth, in order to reborn every day, to rejuvenate and to refresh the body and soul every day. At this very point, you will feel that you are reborn every day at İksir Resort Town Daday. This is because Turkish bath, Spa Centre, Sauna, Fitness Centre and Swimming Pool are at your disposal with their magic water for a period of 24 hours.

The swimming pool covering a net surface of 160 m2 and situated on a platform of 350 m2, with surrounding walls opening outward is at your service with a solar-energy supported heating system.

You can have yourself rubbed with a coarse bath-glove-foam massage at our bathroom containing all features of the Turkish bath with heat, tepidity sections, marble embroideries, marble basins and göbek taşı (heated marble platform on which one lies to sweat in a Turkish bath) at a total surface of 300 m2. You can feel yourself at ease with sauna and shock shower.

You have rest and regenerate through various types of purifying and relaxing massages in the Jacuzzi room and single massage rooms.

On the one side, you can keep fit with bicycle, treadmill, weight, skipping-rope, multi-function weight lifting device, Pilates ball and yoga mats at our fitness centre, designed entirely in wood, and on the other, rejuvenate yourself with exercising in four seasons as well.


Sport at Wellness Center