To experience, to live the sunshine and the sunset, passage from spring to summer, summer to autumn, to autumn to winter and again to spring.


Daday for 4 seasons

Daday’s previous name ‘Dadybra’ means fertile lands. The region bearing this title always shows the true meaning of its name with generous crops, rich forest plants, and exuberant forests. Valley Daday is like a piece of paradise on the foot of Ballıdağ (mountain) known as an oxygen-rich area at the Western Black Sea region, covered by pine forests. The valley leans against magnificent Ballıdağ in the northern side (with a height of 1570 m, summit height around 1800 m) and Sarı Çam Dağları (Scotch Pine Mountains) in the southern side. Ballıdağ hosts a hospital for chest diseases, selected by specialists, who came from Switzerland in 1954. This mountain, which is one of the most popular oxygen-rich locations of Turkey, is the essence of pure and clean air of Daday.