İksir'e Özel Lezzetler

The day that begins with the fragrant of pleasantly warm bread, just come out of the bakery keeps continuing with tastes, made of natural products. Our pleasure turns out to be an endless enjoyment when the world cuisine combines with local cuisine and presentation turns into a visual feast.
The Daday region has a significantly rich cuisine culture as a result of its rich vegetation cover and stock raising, based on natural methods. Turkey meat (fowl), produced in Daday that has a countless kinds of dishes, is among the famous tastes. BANDUMA that is prepared with butter and walnut is the most important ibi specialty

It is necessary not to forget an approximate number of 20 types of mushrooms that were granted upon Daday cuisine by the nature. Collection and baking/cooking techniques of the mushroom is an exclusive local culture on its own. It is possible to make the pastry, gallimaufry (yahni), canned food, soup and pickle of mushroom. The sauté, made with pearl onion, appears to be excellently delicious.

Another famous dish of the Daday Cuisine is a quickbread with ground meat layer on top, cooked on iron plate and oven, made of bricks. Anyone, who eats this quickbread with ground meat layer on top with a glass of buttermilk drink, eyşi and pelverde dip sauce, can never forget the name of Daday.

It is very hard to find the üryani (thin-skinned) plum that is grown in Daday and appears to be the natural medicine of digestive system in its fresh and dried form, and pelverde and pestil (dried layers of fruit pulp).