Outdoor Sports

You can get excited with fast sports in magnificent attractions of nature showing variation in four seasons and make an exploration with calm joggings if you like.  It may be possible for you to do sports with photo safari and at the same time, eternalize every moment of nature.  You can discover ridge ways with silk-maned horses or mountain bikes and feel the happiness and joy of embracing a mountain pasture.You can also make camping and breathe clean air of forests in the depths of nature. In winter, however, you can experience different tastes of nature with winter sports and snow joggings.

Kastamonu Daday Bisiklet Sürüşleri
Kastamonu Valla Kanyonu Yürüyüş
You can experience the excitement of the discovery of Valla, Çatak Canyons, Ballıdağ being the oxygen-rich locations of Turkey and many more canyons and inns. The possibility of seeing a kanlica and various other mushrooms under a pine tree in the very depths of forests, and having conversation with an aged lady you may come across while doing trekking in the traces and meet with a mountain goat while doing oryantring will be waiting for you.
Some of our racetracks:

You can view Daday from Göktepe, which you can arrive in by passing Baltaca and Akpınar villages. If you wish, you can reach our farm through the roads with trees, lined up on both sides and take a breath over there with a cup of tea or fruits that you may take from the branches of a tree. Furthermore, you can make professional ridings at our Riding centre at our facilities.

You may listen to woodnotes at the Yumurtacı Pond that you can arrive in by setting off the road from our facilities with mountain bikes and passing through Daday’s centre, and then, in the Taşçılar Pond under natural tunnels consisting of branches of trees with an approximate length of 10 kms through secret traces of Village Bastak. You can discover this secret paradise by jeep or on foot.
Furthermore, you can go on a walk to the Kös Stream and arrive in the Stre